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Vendor Rules

Welcome to the 27th Annual World Championship Barbados Cook Off

May 24, 25, and 26, 2024



The World Championship Barbados cook off is held every year in Rankin, Tx on Memorial Day weekend at the Dub Day Arena. The event features a weekend filled with 11 different cooking events, bull riding, nightly dances (Fri, Sat, and Sun) and several other events.


This marks the 30th year for this event. Our profits will go to a local charity of the committee’s choice. This year’s charity will be the Rankin Food Bank. The food bank provides food to families in Upton County that are in need. The food bank is run off of donations and we hope to make a huge difference to their pantry. Scholarships are given to two Rankin High School seniors to further their education. Each year organizations that meet the criteria will be considered for help through our event. Supporting the people and organizations of Upton County is our goal.  Looking forward to a fun filled weekend with the hope everyone enjoys themselves and stays safe.


We will begin taking reservations for cooking and vendor spots beginning January 1st. Go to to make your reservations.

Extra space MAY be allowed between vendors but this is only determined by the number of vendors and space available, spaces are marked no more than 1 week prior to the event, please do NOT COUNT ON EXTRA SPACE, RESERVE WHAT YOU NEED.

Arts/Craft Vendors- $150 per 10x10 space- please notate when registering if water or electricity is needed, we cannot guarantee either but will do the best to accommodate.

Food Vendors- $150 per 10x15 space.

Please have measurements for your food trailers- please allow space for your tongue and any back doors to open, the committee will NOT guarantee that your trailer will fit if you do NOT inform us of the size needed. Extra space needed is the responsibility of the VENDOR. NO REFUNDS will be given. 5 more guaranteed feet for trailers may be purchased for $50 more PRIOR to the event (giving you a space of 10x20 for $200 for 1 food trailer, 10x25 for $250 and so on, per trailer- you may NOT purchase extra feet for an extra trailer, each trailer must have its own space)

Camp spaces- Limited camper spaces are available for vendors at a discounted price of $75 per space. You may NOT camp behind your vendor space for free, a camper fee MUST be paid.




Vendors may be set up any time prior to 7:00 PM Friday.


You may start selling anytime after you set up on Friday.


Vendors determine their open hours starting Friday at noon until Sunday evening. Friday’s dance finishes at 12 midnight, Saturday’s at 1 AM (Sunday), and Sunday’s dance is over at 12 midnight. You may stay open as long as you wish each night.


Vendors may leave prior to the dance on Sunday, but no vehicles will be allowed to enter after 9PM. Please find a member of the committee to allow you to drive into the vendor area for take down purposes, otherwise your vehicle will not be allowed inside.   


No outside golf carts/ATVs will be allowed, these types of vehicles are reserved for our committee members and security, this allows people who need assistance know who to contact!



  • No selling prior to Friday

  • Vendors are responsible for their trash in and around their vendor spaces; any space left in disarray or with loose trash may disqualify the vendor from further participation at our event.

  • Vendors may not sell:

    • Firearms

    • Anything that has our logo or the words “Barbados” on it

  • Vendors will supply their own drinking water, the committee suggests that you purchase water and bring with you, the Rankin water, however safe to use, sometimes has a slight taste to it

  • The World Championship Barbados Cookoff is not responsible for any lost equipment/merchandise or accidents. There will be security on site but will not be available 24 hours. The number to the Sherriff’s office is 432-693-2422 for any incidents that may occur.

  • Vendors may NOT enter the food competitions. Exception: An Arts/Crafts vendor MAY enter the cooking competition BUT pay the regular price for a cooker’s campsite and enter their food through the cooker’s site. NO FOOD VENDORS MAY ENTER THE COOKING COMPETITION, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Complaints about Vendor spaces should be discussed with the Vendor Chairman, the Vendor Chairman has the final say, and if the chairman is unavailable the committee member addressing the problem must call the chairman for clarification. Please note, ALL of the committee members are VOLUNTEERS and many have full time jobs and may not be available until after their normal working hours. Please be nice to the volunteers, without the volunteers this event would not be possible! 

Thank you for being a vendor with us, we look forward to seeing you in May!

                                                                      Below is a downloadable copy to these rules. 

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