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Cookers and Campers Rules

Welcome to the 30th Annual World Championship Barbados Cook Off 

May 24th-27th, 2024

 Cookers Rules

The World Championship Barbados cook off is held every year in Rankin, Tx on Memorial Day weekend at the Dub Day Arena. The event features a weekend filled with 10 different cooking events, bull riding, dances, vendors and several other events. This marks the 30th year for this event.  Our profits from this event will go to the Rankin Food Bank. The food bank provides food to families in Upton County that are in need.  The food bank is run off of donations and we hope to make a huge difference to their pantry. Scholarships will be given to two Rankin High School seniors to further their education.  Each year local organizations that meet the criteria will be considered for help through our event. Supporting the people and organizations of Upton County is our goal. We are looking forward to a fun filled weekend with the hope everyone enjoys themselves and stays safe.


We will begin taking reservations for cooking and vendor spots beginning January 1st. Go to to make your reservations.  Camp sites will be reserved on a seniority basis, with the person who had the spot last year being given first choice.  Each site will have a waiting list.  For example, if John Doe had spots 97 and 98 last year and this year wants to add site 99 to his camp, he will be guaranteed sites 97 and 98.  He will go on the waiting list for site 99 only.  If the person who had that spot does not reserve it by April 30th then the first person on the waiting list will be given the option to reserve the spot. 

ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY 11:59PM APRIL 30th FOR CAMP SITES to be guaranteed previous year’s sites.

Campsites for non-cookers are $125 per space

Cooker’s campsites are $100 per space



Camps may be set up any time prior to 7:00 pm on Friday night.  Gates will officially open at 1:00 pm on Friday, after this time please have your campers packets available and wristbands to enter the grounds. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the grounds after 9 PM Friday, any vehicle caught driving inside will be asked to leave. NO EXECEPTIONS. If you are caught more than 1 time driving a vehicle you will be asked to leave the grounds entirely and not allowed to return. Security will be used if necessary.

No outside golf carts/ATVs will be allowed, these types of vehicles are reserved for our committee members and security, this allows people who need assistance know who to contact! There will be zero tolerance, and if you are caught with your cart/ATV you will be asked to leave the premises, if you continue to ignore requests, your cooking team may be disqualified from their events. There will be ice carts driving selling ice as well as someone to help bring heavy items to your camp after gates are closed. These carts will be marked accordingly.

Before complaining, please note, ALL of the committee members are VOLUNTEERS and many have full time jobs and may not be available until after their normal working hours to handle your non-emergency complaint. Please be nice to the volunteers, as they are compensated with 1 free pass for themselves for the weekend and granted a golf cart for the weekend’s use for all of their hard work that started in September, without the volunteers this event would not be possible! Please do not scare away the volunteers unless you would like to take their place 😊 they are just trying to make the event run smoothly and safely for all involved.   


-No ground pits may be dug

-Contestants must furnish own meats except for Barbados, which event will supply

-Contestants much furnish own firewood

-Entries may not be sampled by the public until after samples have been turned in for judging

-Head Cook will be responsible for cleanliness of their area during and for conduct of the team.   

      Any space left in disarray or with loose trash may disqualify the team from further


-Barbados will not be responsible for any lost equipment or accidents

-Cooking trays will be inspected for any marks.  If a tray is found with a mark, the sample will be put into a new tray with the number being transferred over.

- Anyone using the Barbados logo for shirts or any memorabilia without WCBC’s written permission will be disqualified. If you would like memorabilia, you may purchase it from our merchandise sold by the Barbados committee.

- If Security is involved/called to any altercation, you will be asked to leave and are banned from returning for the rest of the weekend, and possibly any further events hosted by WCBC.


Sauce may be used during cooking but do not add sauce to the sample tray. 

No veggies on meat tray or in the bean sample. 

Batter may NOT be used on any entry

Garnishes cannot be included with any turn in. 

Any items that may be considered to have a “marker” will be disqualified.


If you are unsure, take the entry to a judge for review before turning in.

Barbados:  Provided by WCBC. Picked up on Friday evening.  Can only be turned in using denoted barbados tray.  Cover bottom of tray with bite size pieces.  

Chicken:  One half fully jointed chicken.  Must not be fried.  Cooked on site.

​Pinto Beans:    Sample cup ¾ full.  Must start with dried pintos.  Must NOT have anything but

beans and juice.  No tomatoes, sausage, onions, jalapenos, etc.  NO  FLOATIES.  Cooked on site.

Brisket:    Five complete slices with complete smoke ring at least ¼ inch or thicker.   Must

not include sauce with turn in.  Cooked on site. 


Fajitas:            Bottom of tray shall be covered with bite size pieces.  Chicken or beef is

welcome.  Cooked on site.  No veggies in tray.


Camp fire Bread:  At least 6 full size rolls/slices/pieces in the tray.  Must start from scratch and

cooked on site.  Camp Fire bread must be made on site using the old west style of dutch oven over coals or flat breads over rock.  Examples: Cornbread, Rolls, biscuits, traditional bread.  No bread with fruit, nuts, excessive sugars or additives.  No dessert breads will be allowed.


Spam:              At least ¾ can shall be used in sample


**Ice Cream:  Sample cup at least ¾ full.  


Salsa:               Sample  cup  at  least  ¾  full.    Must  be  tomato  based.    (Example:  No 



Ribs:                Five rib slices. No babybacks or butchered trim. Pork ribs only. Must not include

sauce with turn in. Cooked on site.

Pork Butt:       Must be pork shoulder/Boston butt. Bottom of tray shall be covered with bite size pieces. Can be chopped or shredded. Must not include sauce with turn in. Cooked on site.


Any  disqualified  entries  will  be  placed  to  the  side  for  one  hour  to  be  checked  after  the  competition  has  been  judged.  This  will  allow  teams  to  check  for  disqualifications  and  any  disqualifications can be explained by the judging coordinator.



4 – 10th places have no prize money associated with them but will count towards the overall prize.

1ST place teams will receive 10 points

2nd place teams will receive 9 points

3rd place teams will receive 8 points

4th place teams will receive 7 points

5th place teams will receive 6 points

6th place teams will receive 5 points

7th place teams will receive 4 points

8th place teams will receive 3 points

9th place teams will receive 2 points

10th place teams will receive 1 point

Winning any place in the Barbado entry will give teams the normal amount of points plus 5. 


Showmanship points are as follows:


1st place – 5 points,

2nd place – 3 points,

3rd place – 2 points

Ties will be broken at the pavilion and will be judged by a panel of 3.  If a tie occurs for 1st place, the loser of the tie breaker will automatically receive 2nd place and so on and so on.



Must declare intention to compete when picking up trays.  Show teams must be entered in the cook off. Special circumstances can happen with every cooking team being judged.  One name per show team.  Hired professional performers will not be allowed in showmanship competition.  Showmanship teams must be limited in their activity so as not to interfere with the other contestants.  Moving around the cooking area is allowed and traveling show teams will be judged while traveling.  Nudity and lewdness are banned from showmanship.  Intentional use by any team will result in being disqualification.  Only independent, DC battery operated amplification may be used, with limited volume.   Interference with adjacent show teams and power source are at the discretion of the judge.  Failure to comply with an official’s request to reduce volume or refrain from otherwise interfering with another show will result in disqualification.  No showmanship contestant  may  discharge  firearms  or  use  any  pyrotechnics  or  explosives at the event.  Doing so will result in disqualification.  Showmanship will be judged from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm on Sunday. Numbers will be handed out during the cooks’ meeting and must be placed where they can be seen from the nearest road.  If all cook sites are being considered for showmanship, numbers will not be given.



1st - $1500          2nd- $750             3rd- $450


1st- $150              2nd- $100             3rd- $60


1st- $150              2nd- $100             3rd- $60


1st- $200              2nd- $150             3rd- $80


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